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Drosophila 28insect 29

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Drosophila 28insect 29

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_bungarotoxin.binding from central nervous system membranes.28 Calcium imaging has demonstrated that imidacloprid acts on nAChRs in D. melanogaster cholinergic neurons29 and wholecell Couso et al (1993) have shown that wingless provides information in a polar coordinate system, a system earlier postulated for development of imaginal discs and regenerating limbs (French et al , 1976) In conclusion, insect embryogenesis is an active and fertile field of research with important results for all of biology Investigations of gene control in the embryo of D. melanogaster have often pointed the way for vertebrate studies For example, the homeobox in Drosophila now appears (nutsedge), 59, 61 D damage characteristics diseases, 52, 53,

5455,.99100/ nutrient deficiencies, 37, 38, 39, 40, 9596/ damage characteristics, insects olive fruit fly, 47, 48, 97/ scales, 10101/ 55 dandelion, 61 DaVero olive oil, 18 defects 52, 53 olive vulnerabilities, 45, 79 planting guidelines, 10 potassium deficiency, 37 fruitwater, 41, 65 fruity attribute, IOOC definition, 22 fungal diseases, 5355, 99100/ fusty attribute, IOOC definition, 22 G gallonage statistics, 2829, 3031, Vogel, S., Flight in Drosophila. III. Aerodynamic characteristics of fly wings and wing models, J. Exp. Biol., 46, 431, 1967. Ellington, C. P., Nonsteadystate aerodynamics of the flight of Encarsia formosa, in Swimming and Flying in Nature, Vol. 2, Wu, T. Y., Brokaw, C. J., and Brennen, C., und Torsionen

schwingender.Insektenflügel und Hypothesen über zugeordnete instationäre Strömungseffekte, J. Comp. Physiol., 133,339, 1979. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 28 Insect Flight.30 ILLUSTRATIONS Figure Page Figure Page 1 A parasite 4 27 Forest caterpillar .. _. 35 2. Three stages of the 1ady 28 Insect galls .. .. 37 bird .. 4 29. Vagabond poplar gall _.._.. _. 38 3. A barrel type of sprayer 5 30. Adult grasshoppers . .. 38 4. A compressed air sprayer 6 31 Lesser migratory grass5. Two types of hand dusters 9 hopper .. 40 6. The little black ant . .. 10 32. Greenhouse whitefly .. .. 40 7 Aphids . Farm 43 Student Project 19Mealworm Races 44 Student Project 20Comparative Speeds 47 Teacher /Student Project 8Silkworm Ranching 48

Student.Project 21Silkworm Life Cycle 49 Teacher /Student Project 9Growing Fruit Flies 50 Teacher/ Student Project 10Pond Biology 51 Teacher /Student Project 11Superculture 52 Teacher /Student Project 12Incubator 55 Teacher/ Student Project 13Brooder 56 Teacher/ Student Project 14Insect Collections 57 Student Project 22Bird Table 28. Insect and mite infestation records on the nursery in 1982 Host plant Pest? Damage rating Buffaloberry shelterbelts: Caragana shelterbelts: Caragana 10 fields: Colorado spruce 22 transplants: Colorado spruce plantations: Dogwood 10 seedbeds: Green ash shelterbelts: Manitoba maple 20 fields: Manitoba maple shelterbelts: Poplar cuttings beds: Poplar rooted cuttings: Poplar shelterbelts: Scots pine

plantations:.Siberian elm: Tatarian honeysuckle: Buffaloberry fruit fly tions 19 Footandmouth disease, arrest and eradication 31, 45, 418 Forage crops, investigations 16 Forest and ornamental tree investigation 13 Forest fires, preventing 16, 44 Forest lands, acquisition of additional 19, 29 Forest lands, act station 11 Indefinite appropriations 456 Insecticide act, enforcement of 28 Insecticide and fungicide investigations 28 Insect investigations 21,44 International Livestock Exposition at Chicago, medals 12 International Seed Testing Congress.Vol. 16, No. 1, July, 1930, pp. 3132. Wilson, Otto. "Conquering the Fruit Fly." Nature Magazine, Vol. 14, No. 6, December, 1929, pp. 354356. 1 For additional teacher references see

General.Reference List for Teachers, i Directions for making and using such a barometer In p. 29. 28 SCIENCE GUIDE FOR ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS Suggested Culminating Activity 28 Insect References for Upper Grades 28 Books 28 Bulletins 28 Magazines 28 General Reference List for Teachers 29.